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Custom Clearance

Wadi El Melouk Custom Clearance

Wadi El Melouk Customs Clearance Team is well trained to handle all formalities smoothly with our strong relationship in the previous years to ensure easy steps getting all your goods cleared without any delays at any stage even those goods that require special approval from various officials, We are covering many different cargoes and goods arriving to different ports or airports.

Wadi El Melouk easily can arrange the following on request:
Car Customs clearance for any type cars either coming from Gulf area or other different countries in less than 24 hours with the most competitive economical charges.

For other type of goods either Containerized or Bulk our team have the main keys for smooth clearance and will finalize all your requirements step by step starting from Documents issuance till safe clearance with our good connection with all official involved. And our services rendered are including below ports:
Port Tawfik, Adabyia, Ain Sokhna or any other port of entry including bulk shipments, containers and car custom clearance.

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