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Checklist for Shippers and Carriers Before and After the Load Arrival

Have you ever wondered what protocols cross-border trucking companies follow before and after a load arrives? If you plan to use the services of one of the many Egypt trucking companies, you should have some understanding. That knowledge will help you choose the right company for your transportation needs. After all, not every carrier provides the same caliber of cross-border shipping service. Your goal is to select one with outstanding solutions and competitive prices.

Before loading goods, there are specific steps they must follow, including those listed below.

  • The buyer has to provide the shipping company with location information as to where the load is going. Included with this are stops prior to reaching the final destination.
  • If the shipper arranges the transportation, it must work with the receiver to make sure the cross-border shipping service met all the requirements. However, the receiver has to let the shipper know ahead of time about any special needs.
  • Majority trucking companies and the receiver need to talk about arrival time expectations. If there’s not adequate time to meet the preferred time frame, the carrier must let the shipper and receiver know.
    Cross-border trucking companies should never offer service on a first come first served basis. Instead, they need to have some type of scheduling process in place.
  • Just in case an issue arrives, the shipper needs to have records available as to how it handled the product.
  • There is also a checklist used by the packer, shipper, and operator. Included with that is a long list of requirements such as confirming a refrigerated truck is in proper working order, the trailer is clear of debris, the trailer has proper security seals, counting and marking the load, and so on.
  • Before the load leaves, there’s a final check done. This ensures the driver has the correct destination address, that everyone knows the unloading rules, etc.

On Arrival

For a cross-border shipping service, companies must also follow strict guidelines after arriving at the destination. Following are some examples of what that entails.

  • Photograph all exceptions to BOL and trailer to serve as a form of documentation.
  • Check all seals before opening the trailer doors.
  • When using temperature recorders, the receiver must find and document their locations.
  • Log the time of the delivery.
  • Document the receiver of the goods.
  • If more than 5 percent of the product ends up discarded, it’s important to get an official inspection certificate.

The thing to remember is that there are many additional items on the before and after loading checklist. Those vary depending on the parties involved. For instance, shippers, carriers, receivers, and buyers all have unique lists.

Always Professional – Always Responsible

Wadi El Melouk has a firm understanding of the requirements before and after loading goods. we do everything possible to surpass our customers’ expectations. When you need help with transporting goods, you can always count on our cross-border shipping service.

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