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Safety Tips: Best Practices to Follow to Avoid Fleet Accidents

Hiring the best trucking companies in Egypt comes with some unique benefits. For one thing, they deliver goods on time. They take incredible care of their customers’ freight to ensure there’s no damage. However, the top transport and logistics companies also follow the best safety practices, which helps them avoid accidents.

Following are some examples of safety tips that reputable transport and logistics companies follow.

1. Driver’s Training

Along with experience, it’s important for companies to provide their drivers with extensive training. The biggest concern – distractions. This one issue alone caused more than 3,000 deaths and over 430,000 injured parties in 2014. Although there are many ways for drivers to become distracted, texting ranks at the top of the list.

The most respected transport companies in Egypt have strict policies in place specific to unnecessary distractions, including cell phone use. Unlike a standard car, truck, or SUV, a driver of a big rig needs a lot more time and space to stop.

2. Technology

The best transport and logistics companies have implemented high-tech solutions that help keep drivers safe. Because this helps cut back on the number of accidents, as well as their severity, it dramatically reduces the cost of damages and injuries. Technology also prevents downtime that would have a direct impact on the customer’s delivery.

3. Preventative Maintenance

Another safety tip that the best trucking companies in Egypt follow has to do with preventative maintenance. Today, these companies utilize special programs that have reminders. That means drivers know when their trucks need servicing based on time, mileage, or repair history. By assessing a potential issue before it worsens, transport companies save money and ensure on-time deliveries.

While there are additional safety tips that reputable transport and logistics companies adhere to, these serve as good examples. Taking the appropriate measures helps tremendously in reducing the number of accidents that shipping companies experience on the road.

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At Wadi El Melouk, we take safety seriously. We’re proud of the systems and solutions we have in place that protect our drivers and the customers’ cargo they haul. For your next shipment, give us a call.

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