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Why is Packaging and Customizing Labels Important for Shipping

Good products are the main reasons for a successful business, but companies must remember that the first thing the customer experiences with their new product is the packaging.

The customers first impression is vital when it comes to products. Packaging products well will give your business a better chance of having repeat business and possibly having your product recommended to others. When we discuss packaging, we are not just talking about the box it comes in when the consumer purchases it from a store. We are referring to the whole process before it ends up in your customer’s possession.

Proper packaging is essential to make sure your item arrives in one piece, but it is also a great opportunity to make your customer satisfied they have bought a product from your company.

Take a Rolex watch for example. Instead of delivering the high-end watch in bubble wrap in a handwritten envelope, it comes in a sleek box with engraved text. Good packaging shows style, class and it protects the product.

What Makes for Good Packaging

This all depends on what your business is selling, who are your customers, and what your taste of packaging is like. Packaging can vary from each shop, but each quality packaging services share the same elements:

  • Offers the customer an emotional connection with the product and business
  • Details the contents of the package
  • The package adds value to the product
  • Gets to the requested destination safely and on time
  • Allows the customer to get the most out of their product

Take for example a pair of high-class shoes. Along with a solid box, clothing tags, paper inside and outside the shoe to give extra protection, the brand name on the outside of the package, details of the shoe size are all information that you will find on the packaging. Clothing companies spend a lot of money nowadays making sure their products are packaged professionally, and there are plenty of services that help them design all sorts of labels including customized swing tags, boxes, and other labels.

Do Shipments often get Damaged due to Poor Packaging?

In the transportation industry, there is a huge amount of loading and unloading every day, 365 days a year. While these packages are being transported, cargo is constantly being moved from one place to the next and compressed. Cargo is exposed to lots of different types of temperatures and humidity during shipment.

Insurance and trucking companies often deny claims that there have been mistakes made when something goes wrong with a package, and claim there were issues with the product’s packaging. Whether these claims are true or not, to reduce the risk of this happening with your goods, proper shipping is vital.

Even if the package is not for a business, let’s say you want to ship household goods. Most people try and avoid spending too much money on the packaging and purchase a cheap box or use an old one. They expect that the box will arrive in the exact same condition from the day they sent it, however when it arrives at their chosen destination they are shocked to see things have broken. Anyone who packs freight needs to do it properly to avoid issues.

What should you know about Shipping Overseas?

Shipping overseas is very different from domestic shipping. If you are shipping overseas, some transportation companies prepare their cargo the same way as if they were shipping domestically. It is crucial that you use the best packaging you can get your hands on when shipping internationally.

Make sure the packaging is ready to be put under pressure while being shipped internationally: Consider how your goods will be protected through the whole journey. Don’t just think about how you think the goods are protected in its package, consider everything international shipping throws at it. Remember that there is a high possibility that your goods will be stacked up with other cargo.

Expect that your goods will be handled, perhaps by a forklift. The majority of goods shipped internationally get handled by a forklift during the shipment process. Check that the goods are tightly packed.

If the package is being delivered by an airplane, understand that the package must be able to deal with tilting. Titling normally happens when the plane is taking off or landing, but it can happen in the air also. Again, making sure that the package is tightly packed is vital to avoid damages.

If the goods are being sent by sea, consider the motion of the ocean.

If the goods are returned due to damages to the package during transit it can cause your business lots of problems, such as time and money. The following paragraphs are a few tips to help your package arrive at its final destination in good condition.

What Packaging should I use to send Internationally?

When sending packages internationally, consider purchasing reinforced parcel boxes or double-walled boxes will also do the trick. By investing in additional protection the likelihood of your package arriving safely is much higher, and it will also provide you with peace of mind.

Double walled boxes have a double layer of corrugated cardboard designed to protect the goods inside. Containers are available in a wide range of different sizes and different weight capacities, it is a perfect way of packaging to help reduce the chances of the goods being returned.

Remember to use Internal Packaging and Taping

Internal packaging is very important, and often people forget this. To make the package more compact many people like to add air cushions or peanuts in the empty space of the package for extra protection.

Even if the parcel is sturdy, if the goods that you are putting into the package are small or fragile and there still is lots of space in the box, there is a good chance that the goods will be damaged. When goods are shipped for a long time, they are often handled by lots of different couriers, so they will be knocked around a lot.

One method many people use is the box-in-box packaging method. This is where they pack the goods in a smaller box so that it’s nice and compact, then add the smaller box to a larger box.

When taping the box make sure you use the H-taping method. This is to make sure that all the edges and seals of the box are safely taped. Use high quality packaging tape. Many companies use cheap tape when packaging boxes which often causes damages.


With all the work businesses do to attract customers, you can easily lose them due to packaging. On the other hand, you can gain new customers and keep your current clients happy by using proper packaging. Companies can’t underestimate the importance of packaging, especially if they expect their goods to be shipped internationally. Invest in proper packaging and use a reputable shipping company.

Asking your customers for feedback is a great way of seeing if your packaging is up to scratch. Consider following up with your customers to make sure they are happy with the product, with the time it took to ship the product, and that they liked the packaging. Customer feedback is a great way to find out what the customer thought about your product and your service.

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